Country Cottage Day Spa Policies

» Payments are preferred in cash, debit, or credit. Local checks are accepted from established clients.  No traveler's check will be accepted. 

» Returned checks will result in immediate requirement of repayment in cash, plus a $25 returned check fee paid in cash only. Additional fees may be applied if full cash payment is not fulfilled within 24 hours of notification of returned items. Clients presenting checks with insufficient funds may be required to pay cash or debit/credit for all future services. 

»  Full payment is always due at the time of services and client must verify that they have the proper amount of payment before the service begins. All fees are subject to change. Client should always verify prices before beginning a service. Post-dating checks is not permitted. 

» Arriving late for an appointment may result in a shorter session at full-price.


»  Client must give at least 48 hours notice of appointment cancellation and/or changes in desired service(s) in order to avoid a fee the scheduled service amount. 

»  No-Show clients, clients cancelling less then 48 hours before a scheduled appointment, and clients cancelling  and/or rebooking more than two 

consecutive times may be billed for the entire services and/or required to per-pay in order to be rescheduled. 

» Minors under the age of 18 must be accompanied by parent or legal guardian at all times and must be receiving a service. No children are otherwise allowed during treatment sessions. 

»  Clients should be prepared to make their session as relaxing as possible by muting all cell phones and electronics, as well as informing the therapist of any special accommodations needed, and clarifying all questions and concerns. 

»  Clients should arrive hygienically prepared for their session. 

» All clients must complete and sign all required forms before services can begin. 

»  All clients must inform the therapist at the start of every visit if they are under any new prescribed medical or over-the-counter oral or topical treatments, or have been diagnosed with any new illnesses or injuries. 

» Clients should agree to follow therapist's advice for post-session care to achieve the best treatment results. 

» The therapist retains the right to refuse services to any suspicious persons, those appearing to be under the influence of any drugs or alcohol, or those appearing to have signs and symptoms of any disorder that may contraindicate the treatment to be given. Please be respectful of the health of others and reschedule if you are sick! 

» Any sexual advances, sounds, comments or innuendos, or rude or violent behavior will result in immediate dismissal and will be reported to legal authorities.